Jeremy Poland

Jeremy Landon Poland was born in to a Birmingham Alabama family in October 1986. Heavily influenced through music at a young age he credits early influences like Ray Charles and Boyz II Men with shaping his young musical mind.  Later influences include Jason Mraz, John Mayer and Ed Sheeran. Brought up with classic southern values and a strong family bond he was encouraged at the tangible age of 4 to play the drums and was self -taught the guitar by the age of 16. During his formidable teenage years he ventured out from behind the drum kit, into the light of the mic and found his footing. After entering a radio contest in 2009 that allowed him to open for Switchfoot, Jeremy’s heart and mind were determined, now more than ever, to move people with his incredible charisma and palpable talent. 

Supportive as always, his parents nurtured his talent and encouraged a move to Orlando where he played locally and met incredible life-long friends. A selfless act of helping a friend move from Florida to Minnesota became one of the best non-decisions of his young life. Being fearless as always, Jeremy decided to stay in Minnesota and continue working on his music in a state often overlooked for its rich musical history. After a chance encounter with Minnesota icon Johnny Holmes and after striking up a conversation with the lead singer for IV Play, Tyler, his enthusiasm and hunger earned him a thankless job as a roadie which he did with an unwavering smile for almost a year.  The band members, acknowledging his natural talent, added him to the set list with only a few songs. These few songs morphed the already established band into a powerhouse of multi-talented passionate players, all with the drive to get to the next level. More instruments, a larger library of songs and new personalities were added to the pot to make the best IV Play the band has had to date.

Despite several shows a week Jeremy, and fellow band member Lantz Dale (the albums producer) still manage to do solo or duet gigs locally. He has volunteered his talents for several area fundraisers, has mentored a young 17 year old fan, appears regularly on local radio stations and somehow still finds the time to write heart wrenching, breathtaking vocals for his original music.  

Jeremy credits his family, parents Liz and Stanley and sister Lacey and her children, with giving him the unwavering and always endearing support that he has needed to get to where he is today. Jeremy sings and works in Mankato, MN, records in New Ulm, MN and can be seen on the road with IV Play and various other gigs around Southern Minnesota, North and South Dakota and Northern Iowa. 


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